FrenchTwinks - In The Backstage 04 - Valentin Meunier, Timeo Blondel and Leo Gallay

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Shooting days are long, but luckily the boys here find things to pass the time. And instead of staring at their phones, they are playing a version of the Times’Up game, where you have the expressions to mimic are based on sex. Of course sooner or later someone had to pull their dick out. And here it’s Timeo, who stuffs his not yet hard dick into Valentin’s face. They have been waiting for this happen, and now nothing can stop them anymore. And after lots of sucking and fucking, cute 18 year old newcomer Leo Gallay drops to his knees and gets a creamy facial from his two sexy scene partners.

Release July 2021
2021-11-21 01:30:28
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