Mike Hancock - Jerkin' Around

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The third and last clip with Eddie Green, now better known as Cody Springs. This was the beginning of his porn career. He clearly isn't really sure yet about the mansex thing but he definitely is very curious. His longing glances at the hard cock of the guy next to him are no acting. He loves cock...

Mike wrote back then in 2006:    It�s been more than a year since I shot with Mike Brick. He has a nice, thick Italian cock that even gives me a new definition for �deep throat.�

    Eddie Green may be young, but he�s not as innocent as he seems. He says there�s a bad boy inside of him just waiting to be set free. (I know a cockhound who�s got the key to his cage!!)

    Peter Shaft is� well� Peter Shaft. He�s got a big dick and he knows how to use it!
    There�s no better way to get straight guys together than inviting them over to watch porn. It was a stroke of luck all three were available, and
they were definitely down for some hot strokin� action of their own.
2010-12-17 01:18:04
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