Prodigy Pics - Just The Sex #2

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Running Time:103 minutes
Studio:Dirty Bird Pictures  Prodigy Pictures
Series:Just The Sex
Director:Brent Corrigan

Categories:New Release  Action  Safe Sex

Brent Corrigan  Turk Melrose  Cameron Lane  Jacob Powell  Steve Oliver  Curtis Hoffman

Scene 1- Brent Corrigan & Steve Oliver

A quick introduction by Brent Corrigan of Steve Oliver as they sit on Brent’s bed and Brent’s dog curls up in his lap and we are off to the races. Brent clearly likes his new model and says so by getting down on his knees and sucking his dick and greedily licking his balls before climbing on the bed to make out and rim his ass. Oliver clearly enjoys the attention and buries his face in Brent’s ass before moving over to the couch, feeding his thick cock to Brent and then shoving Brent’s famous cock into his bubble butt ass and riding it like a bull forwards and backwards. Brent returns the favor by rimming Steve’s ass  and fucking him in several positions, finally unloading on Steve’s chest as he rides his cock. Oliver  gushes a very large load all over Brent’s ass, shooting a few spurts up and over the top of Brent’s round ass and covering his cheeks in hot cum.

Scene 2- Curtis Hoffman & Cameron Lane

The living room sofa gets a workout as these two hunky twinks get it on. After making out and getting their shorts all wet with precum, they trade blowjobs, again with precum dripping from their dicks as they suck away. After some ass-licking and hard rimming Cameron gives his tasty ass up to Curtis.  A rare occurrence, it take some time for Cameron to take Curtis’ hard dick all the way in, but once there, he lingers on that fine line between pain and pleasure. Of course they switch, and Curtis sits on Cameron’s cock, bouncing up and down and writhing about as if he were dancing. He lies down on the edge of the sofa to get fucked missionary and take a wave of cum that splashes from his chin all the way down his chest and ending at his cock, where Cameron dumps his hot load, making a healthy pool of man juice.

Scene 3- Justice McClain & Jacob Powell

Justice is one drop dead good looking young man, and as he sits watching porn with his buddy Jacob, decides he can do better than what’s onscreen. Turns out he’s right, starting with slowly undressing, kissing deep and biting Jacob’s nipples. Jacob wants Justice’s dick in his mouth first and savors the perfect cock and balls on his muscular buddy. Once Jacob’s exceptionally large and thick cock pops out of his underwear, Justice enjoys trying to get it all in his mouth. Unable to despite serious efforts, he feeds his dick to Jacob as Jacob rubs the head of his cock on Jason’s asshole. With that tease, it’s not long before Jacob is rimming Justice in preparation for the amazing magic act. Making his huge and thick cock disappear into Justice’s ass is a trick worth seeing over and over, and you will…doggie style, missionary style and sitting on it. Justice’s tight, muscular ass clenches Jacob’s cock as he jerks his meat, and when he can’t take it any longer, the two sit down and jerk for each other. Jacob cums first, shooting streams of cum on Justice’s face, covering him like a cinnamon roll. Then Justice sits down, showing off his rippling abs and stroking hard till his curling toes signal the explosion of cum that follows.

Scene 4- Brent Corrigan & Turk Melrose

Finding time to meet and eat each other in a Chicago hotel room, Turk Melrose and Brent Corrigan introduce themselves as they sit in jeans and no shirts in bed. The blond Corrigan and dark-haired Melrose make a picture-perfect couple. Brent sucks Turk’s ample cock, and Turk clearly loves every minute of it, reacting sensuously and sporting an iron rod. Turk reciprocates by taking Brent’s lengthy dick in his face and eating it like a gourmet dish. Brent wastes no time in moving on to rimming Turk’s ass and getting his cock buried deep in it. Turk stays rock hard as he gets fucked doggie style and missionary style, where he can’t hold out any longer and drops his load on his chest as he’s getting fucked. Brent pulls out and adds his load to the pile of cum before sweetly kissing Turk to end the scene.

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