Rent To Bone (1998) - 1080p & 480p - MP4 H 264 AIE & MP4 MPEG source

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In Rent To Bone, an apartment is used as a trick pad for a group of friends. First, Anthony is busy painting the space when Kody Fields delivers a package. Kody gets a bit too curious and Anthony tops him for being nosey. Next, Dean Maxwell brings Anthony Reyes back to the apartment for a boink when Dean's boyfriend is out of town. Then, Dino Phillips acts like he's a bigshot film producer and Mike Cesar and Dirk Adams go through the casting couch routine to get into his next bi flick. Finally, Anthony gets to use the apartment once again to top Ryan Carlo.

studio Sex Video
released 1998

Cast: Anthony (Alex Williams),Anthony Reyes,Dean Maxwell,Dino Phillips,Dirk Adams,Kody Fields,Mike Cesar,Ryan Carlo

BMDS AIE cleaned & upscaled from 480p, minor color grading, vocal enhance/background music suppression and optional subtitling (English).
Original included in case you don't want AIE treated material.  Pic folder included so you can determine if you want either before you download.

Resolution: 1440,1080
Encoder: h264
Framerate: 30/1
Bitrate: 8,000 kbps
Interlaced (0/1): 0
Total Frames: 144045
Duration: 01:20:01

Resolution: 640,480
Encoder: mpeg4
Framerate: 2997/100
Bitrate: 1,023 kbps
Interlaced (0/1):
Total Frames: 143512
Duration: 01:19:48
2023-05-25 05:54:30
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