William Higgins - Str8Hell - Misha Molotov and Tomas Dolnak RAW - AIRPORT SECURITY (4K)

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Tomas Dolnak is in charge of Airport Security and is questioning Misha Molotov. He accuses Misha of stealing some wallets. Tomas checks in Misha's bag, finding more than one wallet, which Misha denies knowing anything about. Tomas says he will call the police but Misha begs him not too. Tomas decides to search Misha, patting him down. Then Misha is instructed to take off his shirt for further searching. He then has to completely bare his chest. Next he takes off his jeans, otherwise the police will be called. Misha stands in his underwear as Tomas feels him. The underwear is removed too and Misha covers his cock and balls with his hands. He is made to hold his hands up and Tomas grabs the dick, checking the balls too. Then, turning Misha around, he checks the ass too. Tomas tells Misha to sit and threatens to call the police unless he sucks him. Tomas opens his pants and pulls out his cock which Misha has to wank. He complains about it but soon takes the cock in his mouth. That cock gets rock hard and Tomas fucks it hard into Misha's mouth. Misha moans, and gags, as he sucks on the stiff dick. Tomas holds Misha's head and fucks his dick into the mouth. Then he makes Misha kneel on the chair and present his ass. Tomas' cock is pushed deep into Misha's tight ass hole. That cock is fucked hard into the tight hole as Misha moans with each thrust. Tomas hips work hard as he fucks the hot hole as hard as he can. Misha takes that cock so well as it is fucked deep inside him. Misha is turned over, onto his back, and fucked some more. He wanks on his dick too as his hole is pounded hard. Moaning loudly he wanks hard and shoots his cum all over his hairy body as Tomas slams his dick into that ass hole. Then Misha kneels and gets fucked from behind some more. Then Tomas pulls out and moves Misha onto his knees. He shoots his hot cum over Misha's face and into his mouth. Then Misha sucks the sticky cock to clean it off as well.

Date of release: 21 October, 2022
2022-11-21 17:11:05
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