CK DOWNLOAD – [maniac オリジナル]No 010 キスすら未経験! 完全童貞ノンケ18才をガン掘り! – ORWEMA010

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Release Date: 2022-05-04
The first new release in the "maniac SPY CAM" series!
This time, we spy on a straight guy who applied for a job as a porn actor, not knowing that it was a fake job advertisement!
He is an 18 year old straight virgin who came here expecting to be given a blowjob by an adult film star! The naive and naive 18-year-old is trapped and eaten by a straight guy!
His cock is super sensitive against his will! The 18 year old is told that this is a training session and even gets her first kiss and first blowjob, but she feels it for the first time in her life! Whether out of resignation or youthful curiosity, she was told to practice using her tongue, and she even performs a blowjob! She was told that she would be trained in reverse anal play, and she finally experienced her first time being fucked! At the same time, her virgin cock is being tortured, and she writhes with pleasure that she can't experience from masturbation, and says, "It feels so good! An 18 year old virgin straight man is having sex for the first time in his life, not knowing that he is being voyeuristically filmed!

『maniac SPY CAM』シリーズの初公開となる新作をお届け!!
AV女優に筆おろしされることを期待してやってきた完全童貞ノンケ18才! ウブで世間知らずな18才に罠を仕掛けてノンケ喰い!
完全童貞チンコは本人の意思に反して超敏感反応! 研修と言われファーストキスやファーストフェラまで奪われるも、人生初のエロ体験に不覚にも感じてしまう18才! 諦めか、若さゆえの好奇心か、舌使いの練習と言われフェラ奉仕までも! 逆アナルプレイの研修と言われ遂に初ウケも体験! 同時に童貞チンポを責められ、オナニーでは味わえない快感に悶え「気持ちいい!」 盗撮されているとは知らず人生初セックスにして初雄交尾に酔いしれる18才完全童貞ノンケ!
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