[Habbit] AnotherEidos of Dragon Vein R (v2 5 4 1)

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Datamined from AnotherEidos assets.

v2.5.3 and v2.5.4 has 38 new CGs: 10 from Romanes, 14 from Saturn/Lucifer, 9 from Hanzo, 5 from Volund.

100+ CGs had their censors redone, and some of them got more pixelated. If you want the changed CGs BEFORE v2.3.9, extract them from cgs-2.3.8.rename from the torrent to replace the affected CGs (change .rename to .zip). Image logs are in Excel file called GayTorrent CG Change Log.rename for flexibility (like the .zip file, change .rename to .xlsx).
2023-07-03 07:43:45
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