VirtualRealGay - The Holidays Start! [4K] - VR 180

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Vikko Vigo and Leo Grin are lying down in bed wearing just underwear. They are caressing each other in a very romantic way. They don’t see each other so much because of work: one of them is a policeman and his timetables are awful. But today he is starting his holidays, and both know how they are going to start them. Vikko looks at Leo while he goes down with his hand and starts to masturbate him. As he sees how much Leo is liking it, he smiles and gives him a blowjob. He starts with a lick from the bottom to the top of the penis, and then he continues with the best blowjob of the world. Then, they fuck: with Vikko Vigo on top, first face to face while Leo masturbates at the same time than Vikko introduces in him his penis; then bareback; in doggy position while Leo whips his ass; joining both penises and masturbating… Both will cum at the same time with a great moan! After the amazing sex, both will lay down in bed cuddling and happily closing their eyes.

Model: Vikko Vigo, Leo Grin
Full Time: 31:04 min
2023-02-19 16:44:24
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