♺ STHJ_Nathan Unauthorized Orgasm

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Original upload: 2017-05-29 06:18:01 |
I had gay cutie Nathan tied to my bench, licking, sucking and stroking

his hard cock and big, full balls.  I told him he had to wait for permission

to cum or I would tickle him (he's extremely ticklish) to ruin the orgasm.

Then I set out to make sure he lost control.  I slowly stroked and sucked

until he was desperate to cum, moaning, gasping and shuddered, writing

on the bench, asking me for permission, which I of course denied.  In the

end he was practically pleading, knowing he was about to lose control, as

I ignored his pleas and took him over the edge, shooting ropes of cum

high into the air.  Then I tickled him until he was begging me to stop.   

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