Spokes III (2006) Falcon

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director Chris Steele

Dakota Rivers
Derrick Vinyard
Jeremy Hall
Justin Wells
Mason Wyler
Pierre Fitch
Ralph Woods
Ross Stuart
Tyler Marks

The legendary bike gang returns ... and this time the initiation is going to be brutal. Spokes III takes the themes of sexual submission and intense group sex of Falcon Classics Spokes and Spokes II to the next level.
When Mason Wyler arrives at his friend Ross Stuart's farm for a summer, he's warned to stay away from the bike gang that rides through town this time every year. Stuart provides him with a cautionary tale of watching some of the guys fucking around in the garage the summer before. Mason's intrigued, but stays away ... or does he?

With the initiation coming up, Mason can't stay way from the barn. Ross is there too, but turns out he's already been initiated. That leaves just Mason as the new recruit and he's got to take the entire gang one by one, making for the most explosive gangbang ever caught on film: Mason's ass versus all eight members of the gang. Will he make it into the gang? Will he even survive?

1. Jeremy Hall, Tyler Marks, Ross Stuart

2. Derrick Vinyard, Justin Wells

3. Mason Wyler, Ralph Woods, Jeremy Hall, Justin Wells, Derrick Vinyard, Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers, Ross Stuart, Pierre Fitch
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