Euro Sex Party (2008) Falcon International DVD

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director Tom Bradford

Anthony Brooks
Claudio Antonelli
Enrico Belaggio
Igor Caricote
Maurizio Mangiati
Peter Shadow
Rod Stevans
Steve Hunt
Tony Magera

Hunky Claudio Antonelli is jogging on a new trail when me meets a fellow running enthusiast. Anthony Brooks lives in the neighborhood and invites him to stop by. Excited with this new prospect, Claudio jogs to his new buddy's house but the gate is locked. Reluctant to leave, he decides to wait across the road. He soon spies a parade of attractive hunks meeting at the gate and filing inside. His curiosity is aroused as he wonders what could possibly be going on behind those closed gates. Luckily Claudio soon becomes a welcomed guest and participant in this sexual free-for-all celebrating all things male and beautiful.

1. Tony Magera, Rod Stevans, Anthony Brooks

2. Enrico Bellagio, Peter Shadow, Igor Caricote

3. Maurizio Mangiati, Steve Hunt

4. Claudio, Anthony Brooks, Igor Caricote
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