Raw Muscled Encounters

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Raw Muscled Encounters


If you like watching smooth, barely-legal twinks then take it from us that this muscle-bound epic featuring the likes of Jackson Fillmore, Brian Bonds and Joe Bexter probably won’t be to your taste. If, on the other hand, you relish the sight of “real” men getting hot and dirty with each other then take it from us that this is definitely gonna be your kind of wild and uncompromising entertainment. No question about it, you’ll be reaching for the tissues in next to no time with this bunch of horned up brutes; as they dig deep into each other’s pants for the kind of no-holds-barred action that wet dreams are made of. All of which soon results in a top notch whitewash of ball-batter getting splattered everywhere for everyone’s pleasure!
Running Time: 104 minutes
Released:  04/2023
Studio Name:  Bareback Assault
Stars:  Brian Bonds  Jackson Fillmore  Dom Ully  Boda Gold  Sasha (m)  Antonio Biaggi  Josh Stone  Alessio Romero  Joe Bexter  Kriss Aston
2023-07-07 02:04:33
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