ASG Joe and Brent

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Talk about your sexual fantasies coming many times have you looked at some

construction workers drooling and wondering if they could ever, would ever get

it on? OR, if you could seduce them given the right circumstances. Well here's a

fantasy for ya come true: two hot guys, both co workers, both horny, both like

women and both want to be in videos. Brent got the ball rolling.

He called us up and after expressing interest in being filmed and making

arrangements to come and see us he started talking it up with his buddy Joe. Joe

was interested and both guys came down for their first video. One thing that Joe

didn't know about Brent until that day was that Brent is bisexual. We quickly

found out that Joe had never been serviced by another guy in his life. Apparently these kind of subjects don't come up on the job site every day. Bet they do now! Enjoy.
2013-07-14 05:55:24
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