Brody and David Benjamin (Plex optimized, HEVC 1080p) BB831

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Welcome to another special edition of!

David Benjamin and Brody are at the studio in this week's All Star Buddies!

You might recognize Brody from He's the hot redhead that recently discovered that he really likes getting fucked in his sexy bubble butt! Brody told Caruso that he never had sex with a dude before so after fucking Riley Mitchel, Brody wanted Riley to fuck him too! After that day, Brody never looked back, and getting fucked became his new favorite hobby!

You might recognize David Benjamin as well! He was well known in the gay porn World but after leaving the industry about 7 years ago, he contacted Caruso who happened to be the last person that he worked with and he asked Caruso if his comeback scene could be on! Caruso couldn't say no so he told David to go through and let him know who he would like his scene partner to be. David quickly spotted Brody and he knew Brody was the one. David says he has a thing for gingers because he finds them extremely attractive! Caruso agreed and he contacted Brody to see if he was available.

Watch David make love to Brody before eating his ass and fucking him with his 8.5-inch thick dick!

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2023-05-22 19:37:12
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