Stryker Prod - On The Rocks

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Title: On the Rocks
Distributor: Stryker Productions
Released: 1990
Length: 99 minutes       

Production credits:

    Director: John Trennel, Steven Sanders

    Producer: John Trennel, Steven Sanders


Dick Romano 
Jeff Stryker 
Joey Stefano 
Leroy Jones 
Matt Gunther 
Mickey Jams 
Mr. G 
Rick Stryker 
Rufus Washington 
Tyrone Jefferson 


Jeff Stryker and Joey Stefano explore the ups and downs and ins and outs of a superstar's life; plus, Michey Jams fucks himself!


1. Matt Gunther Og, Jeff Stryker

2. Leroy Jones OgAt, Rufus Washington OgAt, Tyrone Jefferson , Mr. G

3. Dick Romano OgAbRg, Rick Stryker

4. Jeff Stryker OrAt, Mickey Jams OgrAbt, Joey Stefano

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