Hungarian Heat (1999) Falcon International DVD

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director Steve Kiraly

Gaspar Urge
Korath Fereng
Martin Sandor
Miklos Zsolt
Milos Csaba
Patrik Zsolt
Peter Vegh
Serge Istavan
Serge Timar
Thomas Laszlo

Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt and Serge Istavan lead a cast of handsome, uncut and natural young men ready and eager to storm the East European countryside! Indoors, outdoors...all day, all night...these guys generate the heat!

1. Peter Vegh, Serge Istavan
Peter Vegh manders through the Hungarian countryside, where he comes upon Serge Istavan, one of the local lads working in the garden. The two young men strike up a conversation, their eyes conveying more of what they're really thinking...and in no time at all, they succumb to their carnal desires. They become a wild tangle of arms and legs, hungry mouths on stiff uncut cocks, tongues playing with meaty foreskins, smooth round asses aching to be rimmed, then plowed, culminating in explosive bursts of cum.

2. Korath Fereng, Serge Timar
In the villa, Korath Fereng catches the eye of musclestud Serge Timar and the attraction is clearly mutual. The two studs retire to a private room, where they discover new heights of sexual thrills as they explore the terrain and geography of each others chiseled forms. They grope and stroke one another's torsos; kiss passionately, and suck each others pricks..the mushroom tips peeking out of the fleshy hoods. The two hungry jocks work their mouths and tongues all over, feasting on each other's flesh until they peak and spill their loads.
found in compilation Hot Hung and Hairy

3. Patrik Zsolt, Martin Sandor, Gaspar Urge
Patrik Zsolt joins Martin Sandor and Gaspar Urge and soon the three of them become embroiled in a goulash of man-on-man sex. The two native sons treat Patrik to an energetic session of sucking and fucking until one by one they cum, shooting their hot loads all over each other.

4. Milos Csaba, Thomas Laszlo, Miklos Zsolt
Milos Csaba, Thomas Laszlo and Miklos Zsolt enjoy a picnic around a campfire. The sausage on the grill isn't the only meat growing plump and hot as they roustabout in a friendly and familiar fashion. The flames of the campfire pale in comparison to the flames that burn through each young man, as they suck and fuck their way around each othere. Emboldened with lust, this fiercely aroused trio stuffs mouths and assholes with their meaty sausages. Their appetites are hearty and robust as they chow down on each other. It starts to rain, but the elements don't dampen their enthusiasm; they just move indoors and continue their erotically driven activity. One by one, each stud cums, shooting his thick spunk high into the evening air.
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