Tomas Fuk

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Actors: Tomas Fuk
Dreamset - Set 3
Studios: MaleFeet4u
Tomas Fuk is such a good looking guy. In this very good foot shoot we find him relaxing in an armchair. He lifts his feet onto the foot stool for a while before removing his shoes. Then we can enjoy his feet in just his socks, as he flexes his toes. He places the feet sole to sole as he flexes, before resting both feet on the stool and waggling the toes some more. Tomas then removes the socks as well, and really scrunches his toes as we get a close-up of them. Placing the feet back on the stool gives a great view of the soles too. We get a lovely close-up of the soles as Tomas relaxes. Then he gets naked, with his big, soft cock hanging between his legs. He lifts the legs in the air, to show off the soles of his feet some more. Continuously flexing his feet, he moves his legs from side to side. Then he lifts one foot up to his mouth, as his big dick and balls hang down. He grabs the other foot too and pulls that up as high as it will go. Placing the feet on the floor Tomas exercises them some more and then lays face down on the sofa His sexy ass looks good as he bends his legs, with the feet up in the air. The camera closes in on those sexy feet, giving some great views. Then a very nice full length view show Tomas’ ass as well. He turns over, onto his back and relaxes as we get another view of his cock and then the soles of his feet, closing in nicely. To finish off Tomas sits up and reaches for his feet, grabbing at them and rubbing them.
Release Year: 28.11.2014
Duration: 19 min 35 sec
Video File: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
2023-03-17 21:52:03
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