Lavender Lounge - Muscle Bear Cub - Vol 3 (wmv)

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This was uploaded earlier as a 700mg version but this is the full high def version in all its incrediable butch masculine glory!  In the first scene, two very bearded (very) guys, Tommy Lazzari and Tom Ass. Tommy is more of a daddy type while Tom is a bear cub with a ZZ Top-style beard, and Tommy definitely likes his jockstrap, although it can barely contain his thick meat. After the two feast on each other's cocks, Tommy fucks Tom hard doggy-style and missionary, eventually fucking a major squirter out of Tom. Tommy's load, when it comes, is so joyous that it's almost impossible not to enjoy it.

Dak Ramsey is up next in a solo that has him showing off his great, tattooed body and huge dick (with a yardstick to measure it, no less) while also poking some fun at religious imagery like a priest's collar and a ridiculously huge rosary. By the time he's shooting a load, he's almost bursting to do it. And it's explosive, too.

Fyerfli also does a solo, dressed in a �kitty� (I hesitate to use the word �pussy� here, but � ) outfit that indeed is sexy on him, against all odds. And that�s not the only costume he has working, either, he�s also in a leather angel get-up that is kind of amazing. Fyerfli�s Prince Albert-adorned dick also looks amazing when he gets on his knees and jerks off.

Tight-bodied little stud Mickey Davenport does a solo too, taking a long while to get warmed up, but his body is so cute that you don�t mind that he does. One thing he isn�t is shy, he shows off his body every way he wants, spreading his legs so that his hole is visible while he strokes his dick. Another thing he isn�t is short of cum � he shoots a lot, and big every time.
2012-11-19 07:28:15
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