Seb (Solo)

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Age: 28
Video Number: 1250

Seb and I just clicked when we would email and talk on the phone. He was very excited about doing a peep video and did like 3-4 jack off sessions. He was very diligent, polite, and really wanted to please.

He used to be quite heavy, losing about 100 pounds, so I kinda liked the fact he had worked so hard to get healthy, and I figured many members and fans could relate.  I believe he mentions it during his solo interview. He was a big guy!

Also what I liked was he is a slow-stroker. During his peep video kept trying to cum "hands-free"  A lot of uncut guys seem to jerk off fast and furious that there is a lot of motion blur.  Sure enough during his solo he lets go at the last second and allows a squirt or two to escape on their own.

Anyway, I find Seb very relate-able, and hope you will enjoy him putting on a show for you with better lighting and filming conditions!

Seed Points Appreciated!!!

2013-08-05 16:24:43
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