Freshmen Issue #28 (clean without 3rd party watermarks)

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Scene 1: Liam Efron & Justin Saradon


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Both Justin and Liam have become accomplished performers by now, and it is very obvious that they like what they do. I know that some of you would prefer them more muscular, but it is not necessarily what we are looking for on the Freshmen website. We tend not to interfere with their looks or natural youthfulness in the early stages of their shooting. Their appeal is in being fresh and natural.

Scene 2: Jamie Durrell & Danny Defoe

One of the early scenes for both Danny and Jamie. As you'll see, the conversation is limited because one is Hungarian and the other Slovak, but Danny's seduction is tender and passionate. Jamie is unusually passive here, but willing to please and play along. In any case, it is a very sexy and youthful combination for you to watch instead of Easter Bunnies.

Photo set: Benoit Ulliel

The First Look section will bring you Benoit Ulliel - a blue-eyed boy with curly brown hair and a mix of mischievousness and curious innocence in his face. Benoit will appear in full scenes starting this fall.

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