Men’s Rush TV – 透明感抜群の塩顔男子が太チンから濃厚精子をブッ放す痴態がエロい!! – BOB-112

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A new label "ONATARING EX" created only for "I want to see straight men's lasciviousness! A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:42, created only for those who "want to see the perversion of straight men!
Would you like to turn your masturbation into money? This time, she's a 185cm tall college student with a gorgeous muscular body. She has a beautiful inverted triangular body with smooth and beautiful skin! He has a very clear, salty face that looks like he would be very popular with the ladies ^^ He has a very serious personality, and it took me a long time to seduce him for this erotic job....

He is very serious and it took me a long time to persuade him to take this erotic job........ She has a body that looks great in slim jeans, beautiful pectoral muscles, and firm abdominal muscles. When I asked her to take off her pants, she had a temporary erotic cock. But she seemed to be at her maximum nervousness and didn't respond to me. Then, in the confusion of the moment, I tried to give him a blowjob...! He's so big! Fat! He was so big and fat!

He changed his position, cupped her with a masturbator, and sucked on her insistently... He spurts out his thick cock and spurts out his thick, smelly, thick sperm. She is ecstatic as she shoots her thick cock full of thick and smelly sperm^^.

「普段のオナニーをお金に変えてみませんか?」そんな甘い誘いにイケメン達がこぞって順番待ちの【オナタリングEX】CASE:42今回は185cmの艶めかしいスジ筋ボディの専門学生君♪ 小さな頃から野球でピッチャーをしていたようで逆三角形のキレイなカラダにスベスベの美肌!そしてとにかく脚が長い!!ルックスはいかにもモテそうな透明感抜群の塩顔男子^^超が付くほど真面目な性格で今回のエロバイトを口説くのにめちゃ時間掛かりました…汗

最初のインタビューでも体育会の真面目さ満点です^^ 友達とのチンコ比べではデカい!との事なので早速ボディチェック♪スリムジーンズがめちゃ似合うカラダは綺麗な胸筋にコリコリ腹筋。パンツを脱いでもらうと仮性のエロチンがブラブラ^^勃起したらどんなエロチンになるのかワクワク^^♪ AV流しながら色々ボディタッチするも意外と抵抗してこない^^!でも緊張MAXらしくなかなか反応してこない。そこでどさくさに紛れ、いきなりフェラしてみると…!デカっ!太っ!笑 声を上げてビンビンになった太チンがビクんビクん!!

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