Bo on Top

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Tattooed muscle gods Bo Dean and Dak Ramsey get together for one helluva hot time. It's clear from the get-go that they are totally into each other. Passionate kissing and cock sucking pave the way for Bo to pound Dak's tight asshole with no mercy. Hard and fast is the only way Bo knows how to fuck and Dak loves it. Our inked up studs finish by cumming simultaneously on Dak's stomach.
Young and preppy Tory Mason walks into a butch bar and asks for an "appletini" from leather-clad bartender Bo Dean. Bo hands him a beer and says, "Here's your appletini. Can I get you anything else?" Tory replies, "Yeah, you!" and is quickly dragged onto the counter. They suck each other's cocks on the bar before moving to stairs with bar patrons close by. Bo fucks Tory's face through a platform railing before he bends Tory over a bar table and fucks his hot hole. With both hot studs oblivious to the men standing around watching them, Tory's ass greedily gobbles up Bo's cock. Bo and Tory take the action outside to a small stage where a crowd gathers to watch. Bo turns up the heat and pounds Tory furiously until they both cum on Tory's abs. A real crowd pleaser, for sure.

It's always fun to fuck around with your buds, but sometimes it's even more fun when they have to give it to you. Alton doesn't just wanna get fucked, he wants to claim Bo Dean's dick as his prize. Alton wins the bet and Bo now has to give him a fucking he's not going to forget for a long time. Alton strips Bo naked and sucks his big, thick dick. Alton takes the lead for some kissing until Bo is ready for some dick of his own and flips around for some hot 69 action. "You ready to get fucked?" Bo asks Alton and before getting an answer, lubes himself up and slides his dick into Alton's tight asshole. Once Bo gets going, there's not much stopping him and Alton is in for a toe-curling good time as he takes whatever Bo has to dish out. You can see the agony and ecstasy on Alton's face as Bo slams his asshole from every angle. Alton lies on his back and Bo lets a big gusher of cum all over his belly. "Who lost the fucking bet now, huh?" says Bo as Alton jacks out his own load.

Bo Dean is pounding away on a heavy-bag but it's flying all over the place. Brock offers to steady the bag and Bo winds up clocking him on the chin, laying him out on the bench! Dane doesn't miss a beat and quickly begins to administer CPR while Bo compresses Brock's chest. Brock comes to, cracks a smile and says he wasn't really knocked out. Just for that, Dane shoves his cock in Brock's mouth and the action begins. Done pounding the heavy-bag Bo pounds Dane's ass while he's 69'ing Brock. Then, it's all aboard the fuck train! Bo gives it to Dane while Dane gives it to Brock. The last stop brings them back to where they started with Brock laid out on the bench, getting fucked until all three guys pop all over him. Ding, ding, ding! And the winner by unanimous decision is... you!"

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