SeXXXHunter (Regis) 3

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15 videos of our good friend SeXXXHunter. These are all of the videos he has posted for free on Xtube.  In these, he reveals that he always wears a hat to hide the fact that he's bald. Dun dun DUNNN!!!! Yeah, he wasn't fooling anyone. There's quite a variety here, including Regis masturbating on a couch, Regis masturbating on a chair, Regis masturbating on a bed, and Regis masturbating in public places, just wishing for someone to come along and masturbate with him (and nobody ever does).

Once again, if anyone has any requests for videos they've seen on Xtube, feel free to leave a request.
2008-08-17 23:14:17
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