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When my collected scenes is too good to be ignored but to few to mention, I would like to put those in into a collection like this.
In this No.1, I present to you 2 super cute straight boys who moan so much when their asses are played. I felt too aroused seeing those.
In the Bonus folder, you have a Japanese hunk who is in reality a Japanese firemen g4p which these scenes got him into trouble after being busted at his workplace and one Japanese twink have a slim body and a face just like an angel.
I will continue uploading Collection of Actors right after this appertizer.
Have a night evening!
P/s: There are straight sex scenes included in this torrent, but for me It isn't main theme so I put it into Asian Category.
2023-03-18 15:24:57
4.90 GB (5,261,574,093 bytes)
18 files