Hunk Channel – ノンケのやり捨て性処理ペット!玄関ケツ割れ四つん這い待機! – FRZ-0007

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Release Date: 2020-11-06
A dominant sex dog with a collar and ass crack waiting at the entrance. Fusuke, who has become a pet of Jinta, a straight guy, gets his feet licked, smelled, and sucked by Jinta while the dildo is still attached to him! He is a very erotic guy who is made to open his legs in M-shape on the tabletop and to undo his own anus by himself in Kansai dialect! She is restrained on the bed, and she gets into the groove, gets wild, and sprays her bodily fluids as her sexual desire takes her!

2023-03-18 16:58:20
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