Next Door Taboo - Daddy's Boys (2022) Edited HEVC 1080p

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Title: Daddy's Boys
Duration: 02:02:06
Date Release: 2022-03-01 [Source: TLA Video]

Synopsis: Trent Summers has decided to stay at home with his stepsons. He's watching them from afar and starts jerking away, only to be caught by his stepson Roman Todd. He appears shocked, but then goes into the shower and strokes his large cock while reflecting on what he saw. His stepfather walks in, determined to see if his stepson's cock feels the same way as his husband's. Next up, Will Braun is playing with his favorite sex toy while his stepfather Jesse Zeppelin observes him through the window. Will notices Jesse staring at him and approaches him, asking him to breed him.

Trent Summers fucked one of his stepsons and now he's looking for more. He tries when Johnny B is in the hot tub and fails at first, but it turns Johnny on and he starts jerking off at the thought of what could have happened. Trent then returns, and they both get to live out their fantasy. Lastly, Ryan Jordan is getting tired of his stepbrother Tyler Lakes sucking at video games. When he decides to give up, Tyler shows him the gay porn he found under Ryan's bed. Tyler is going to give him to his mother unless Ryan fucks him. Uh-oh! What is Ryan to do???

Performers: Roman Todd, Johnny B, Trent Summers, Will Braun, Tyler Lakes, Ryan Jordan, Jesse Zeppelin

Studio: Next Door Studios | Next Door Taboo

Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods

Genres: Adult Gay, All Sex, Anal, Bareback, Bathroom, Big Cocks, Cumshots, Daddies, Facials, Family Roleplay, Gay, Horse Hung, Hunks, Jackoff, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, One on One, Oral, Raw, Rimming, Sex Toys/Dildo Play, Smooth/Toned Build, Tattoos

Editing Includes:

- Cover Poster (Intro and End)
- Sliced out 'Next Door Studios/Next Door Taboo' openers/closers
- Title Openers per scene
- Transitions (Fade Ins/Fade Outs - audio and visual)
- Performer/Director Ending Credits
- Next Door Studios Closer
- Music Audio: Dua Lipa - Levitating

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Video Encode  HEVC
Video BitRate  4883.0kbps
Resolution  1920*1080
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Frame Rate  25.000 fps
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Audio Language  English-Advanced Audio Codec
Audio Encode01  AAC
Audio BitRate  192.0kbps
Audio Channel  2
Audio Sample Rate  44.0KHz
2022-03-04 16:57:02
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