DirtyTony - Cyrus Vaughn & Joey Rico

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Released: Aug 14, 2013

Joey Rico has had one hell of a year! He got out of school, learned to suck a dick, and to top it all off, the young jock just got drafted to a new baseball team. New-cummer tatted hunk Cyrus Vaughn is a real team player and he is more than happy to have this young stud as a spicy addition to his team.

After practice, the sweaty and shirtless men come in for a little pre-season pow-wow. Cyrus wants Joey to be at the top of his game, so he offers the college cutie a little cool down and stretch session after all his hard work on the field. Newbie Joey accepts and lays on his back, allowing Cyrus get his broad hands all over him. Now Cyrus knows exactly what he is doing and comes in close to get a better look at the excitement growing in Joey’s athletic shorts. What better way to check out what a teammate is working with than to suck his dick? Cyrus puts his hot bearded mouth to work and orally takes on Joey’s thick cock. Joey squirms and wiggles on the floor with delight and when Cyrus comes up for air, the two studs then head to the bedroom for a little more comfort. On the bed, Joey pulls off Cyrus’s shorts and starts sucking off his team captain. Cyrus has been waiting a long time for this. So long in fact, he can’t wait anymore. He points his cock to the sky, fully hard it stands up waiting for Joey’s tight warm hole to slip down on it. Joey rocks back and forth, easing the thick pulsing rod deeper and deeper inside of him. He cries and moans as his perky cheeks are split wide by Cyrus thrusting his cock further in. On his back, Joey likes what he sees. A broad shouldered tattooed straight guy right on top of him, punishing his ass just the way he deserves it. Joey builds up a hot jock cum rocket and gushes his gravy all over his tanned tummy. Right on cue, Cyrus pops up, thrusts his throbbing rod in Joey’s face and releases his spunk to flow freely down Joey’s cheek. Cyrus composes himself as the freshly fucked freshman lays on his back still seeing stars (or baseballs) dance in his field of vision.

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