[TickleHard] Corey

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While Franco restrains him, 28-year-old Corey answers questions about some of the crazy things he's done with his girlfriends in the past. Franco puts him at such ease that he doesn't realize just how exposed he's going to be. First thing, Franco tickles Corey's armpit with the tip of a feather, and it's clear that he's extremely ticklish. Corey tenses his muscles, trying to hold it in, but it's not long before Franco breaks him. Corey howls with laughter as Franco tickle tortures his armpits with his big fingers. Franco blindfolds Corey and begins tickling his size 9 1/2 feet. He tries to twist his feet free, but there's no breaking loose from the spreader bar. Franco tortures his bare feet one at a time with a lubed up soap saver. Flopping his head around and making faces, Corey groans as Franco ramps up the intensity with a dog brush. The foot-tickling becomes so intense that Corey loses the ability to speak, instead moaning and sucking in his breath. Franco notices Corey's hard dick and tries to give him a break, but Corey shoots his load so fast that it's not really a break at all. Franco tortures his sensitive cock then returns to one of Corey's hot spots, his armpits. Corey stops breathing and turns red as Franco digs deep into his ticklish pits. He begs for it to stop, but this tickle torture is just too damn good! Franco continues the torturous tickling while Corey contorts his body, futilely trying to escape.
2015-10-08 17:05:57
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