Adrian Serdar & Dino Dezider

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Adrian Serdar is in charge of airport security today. He arrested Dino Dezider on suspicion of stealing a mobile phone. Dino denies the offence, saying that his pockets are empty. Adrian turns him around and tells Dino to take off his T-shirt. He then tells him to take off his jeans too, with Dino obeying. But it doesn't stop there, as he is forced to take off his underwear as well. Dino sits down and asks if he can go home, since no phone has been found.
Adrian, however, says that he will have to call the police. Dino begs not to involve the police, he simply wants to leave. Adrian says he has a solution and pulls his cock out. He tells Dino to suck it and grabs his head to slide that cock into his mouth. Adrian pulls the head on his cock as he makes Dino suck it. That cock is hard as a rock as Dino chokes on it. Adrian makes sure that his cock fills his mouth as he pulls the head into it.
He fucks his cock in Dino's mouth and slaps the cock in his face as well. Adrian takes off his clothes and sits on the edge of the table while Dino sucks him more. It looks like Dino is getting into it as he sucks his cock and licks his balls as well. Then Adrian leans him over the table and starts cleaning his hot little ass. He taps, eagerly, on Dino's hole. Then he stands up and pushes his cock deep into Dino's tight hole. He pushes hard as he fucks his cock in his ass. Dino moans as he takes that thrusting cock. Adrian fucks hard and fast, stretching his hole.
He works that ass hard with his cock, grabbing Dino's hair too as he fucks. Dino's cock rocks back and forth as his hole is pounded hard. Then he is flipped over and lays down on the table to be fucked some more. He grabs his own cock and masturbates as Adrain fucks hard into that ass. Dino keeps jerking off until his cock gives up some fucking. Adrian continues to fuck until he is ready to cum. He then pulls Dino to his knees and he jerks off to shoot his load in his face and mouth. Dino also sucks his cock until he gets the last drop of cum.
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