[Acceed] Poop Prince Yagami Rei (うんこの王子様 八神レイ)

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A two-hour scat movie featuring Yagami Rei, a famous name in Japanese scat porn!
Lots of hot action: eating, smearing, shit-fucking and sucking...
Fuck scenes are bareback. Scene 2 is with a girl, all others are gay sex.

Reference: ACSM_336

Here is a rough translation of the movie description, from Acceed's website:


Rei Yagami, the man who ate the most poop in Japan, will guide you to the world of scatology…

"I want to have my anus fucked while pooping"
A raw cock is inserted into the ass that has been expanded so that a 6cm plug can be easily inserted!
After getting inside the hole, we found a huge, rock-hard turd that the bottom had been holding back for 3 days! Getting inside again after he had taken a huge shit, he took another huge one!
The two of them mix their poop in a nubile mixture and smear it on each other's bodies and faces, lick it off, and get coated in feces.
They take huge shits, spread it out, suck on each other's shit-covered holes, and insert their raw dicks into each other again!
"It feels good to have anal sex with a huge poop..."

"Please make me dirty with your drool, food, and feces…"
Yagami licks the girl's unwashed anus and armpits, and eats happily while being stained by the food the girl has chewed.
"Please dirty me more with your feces and pee."
A little loose feces hits him right in the face! Face-sitting with an ass that just pooped! He is covered in feces, but still crazily chewing on it!
And then he has sex while being covered in shit! Cum inside a girl! Letting them suck the semen out of me!
"There are still some left, so eat it all up clean!"
As he is eating the remaining feces, another girl comes over.
She says, "Are you playing with your feces? Can I play with it too?" Round two of shit-filled sex begins!

"I've experienced scat a few times, and I've eaten my own poop."
Syu, a slutty, submissive boy with a big dick, tries his hand at full-fledged scat play! First, he tries to take the boy's poop brought by Yagami in his mouth...
Syu chews, tastes, and eats almost all of the shit that is served to his mouth. He smears all the poop that Yagami shit on his body.
Syu's big dick gets hard even while being fucked with a shit-covered face!
Yagami shovels up his feces and shoves it into Syu’s hole before going back inside! They smear their feces all over each other's faces and make a shit-flavored kiss!

"I'm interested in scat play, so I came to experience it."
Hiroki, a boy who likes fist-fucking, challenges scat play for the first time!
After two days of not pooping, three enemas are injected into his hole and blasted right on Yagami! Yagami-kun is covered in shit right away!
"Put your own poop on yourself." Hiroki gets covered in poop all over.
Shitty dick-sucking with Yagami's poop in her mouth! The mixture of poop and pee of two people is smeared on his face.
Then, Yagami is sticking his feces-covered foot in his mouth! And put it back into Hiroki’s holel!
Then he shoves his fist into Hiroki's anus - not lube is needed because of all the shit and pee!
"I want more of Yamai Rei’s poop…" Additional shit is requested!
Yagami stuffs his new poop into his mouth before passing it to Hiroki!
"It feels good to be slimy and messy with poop…"


And here is a translation of the director's comments:


ACCEED's unrivaled skatology series came to an end with "Skatology Comprehensive Collection".
But now, for the first time in almost two years, the scat series is back!

Yagami Rei is an actor who appeared in "Men's Porn Star".
As he said in an interview for the same film, despite his childlike face and clean appearance, he was a well-known actor in the scat world.

"Yagami-kun is seriously bad"
"He has no limit"
"He really eats the most feces in Japan"

Yagami Rei is a man who has earned an awe-inspiring reputation in the scatology world, being called "hope of the scat world".
We asked him to show us different kind of scat play compared to the previous ACCEED films.
We were not disappointed.

Scene 1
Yagami found this guy on social media. Unfortunately, we cannot show you his face.
He is a regular scat player.
His anus is so wide that a 6cm plug can fit inside!
He seems to like defecating while being fucked by a cock, and he is a raw fucked by Mr. Yagami.
As he got inside, a huge rocky turd came out! This was a surprise to me and Yagami! And the feces was hard because it had been building up for a few days! (lol)
I've never seen such feces! Please check it out in the film!

Scene 2
I wanted to see scat play with a girl, so I asked Mr. Yagami to set it up for me.
I asked Mr. Yagami to set it up for me.
It was his idea to get dirty with food and shit...
He was wearing the same prince-like costume used for the jacket photo.
As soon as we started, the white costume got all messed up with food and feces (lol).
Seeing Yagami so crazy about a girl's feces was great.
I thought it was amazing.

Scene 3
Syu, the slutty submissive boy who appears in some of our streaming movies, has some private experience in scat play, but he has never eaten other people's feces - this was his first experience!
To his surprise, he didn't vomit when he got a mouth full of shit.
Rather, he was putting the poop that was about to spill out of his mouth back there!
And he almost ate it all up!
I was also astonished because the models I had seen in the past would just put it in their mouths and throw up.

Scene 4
Hiroki is a young man with a big dick and a big hole who can do fisting.
He's been interested in scatology for a long time, and this was his first time!
He had been holding his feces in for two days for this shoot!
I wonder how people can hold back...(lol)
Hiroki's first experience with feces was, as expected.
When he put it in his mouth, he vomited, perhaps still feeling disgusted.
But he was enjoying sex with Yagami, covered in feces!

Finally, a message from Mr. Yagami to all the viewers:
This was the first time for me to shoot with myself as the subject.
I was a bit confused about a lot of things, but all the models enjoyed the scat play with me and I had a lot of fun.
I hope to continue to create new types of scat films with ACCEED in the future!
But first, I hope you enjoy this film!


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