Aarons Adventures In Amsterdam

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From Aaron's website:
I am pleased to announce the release of yet another amateur video. Aaron's Adventures in Amsterdam #1 was filmed entirely on location in the (now closed) Blue Boy Brothel in Amsterdam between February 14-20, 2001. This video features some of the cutest and most fun guys to walk the streets of Amsterdam. Metaphorically speaking, that is. These boys generally work in brothels, not on the streets.

Aaron and Speedy

Features a duo between myself and the very tight-bodied Speedy. Speedy is a Dutch boy with a hot body and a warm smile. He is a bit distant when it comes to kissing, but once the action starts he really gets into it. The two of us sucked each other for a while, but when he climbed on top of me, the scene really got hot. He fucked me in several positions, including one I hadn't ever done before. I can't explain it (sort of on my side with my legs up and him humping downward - description doesn't help, eh?), but if you watch the video you'll get an opportunity to see Speedy trying to split me like a wishbone as he pile-drives inside me. And yes, we did use a condom, even though the picture doesn't exactly look like it.

Aaron and Brian

Features the deceptively innocent Brian. He was new at the brothel, with only ten days of experience. Needless to say he had a lot more than just ten days of sexual experience behind him. The two of us played in the Thai Massage room, although I have to admit we didn't bother with just a massage. We started kissing in the shower until I dropped to my knees and began sucking. From there we played on a mattress in the shower area (normally used for the massages, I gather), and then moved over to the bed for lots more kissing, oral action, rimming, fingering, and jacking off. Vidkid Timo even reached his finger in and played with Brian's ass for a while, a sign of what was to come over the next two scenes.

Aaron, Paul, and Vidkid Timo

Reminded me old television show, The Brady Bunch. Ever wonder what Peter Brady would have been like if he got into gay porn? Well, this is very well what it may have been like. Paul is the first Australian to appear in my videos, and brings a unique combination of nice and nasty to the video. Unlike most of the actors I have worked with, Paul never even had the slightlest problem getting hard. From moments into the scene, he had a ranging erection that lasted until he blew his load and put his pants back on. Watch the scene and you'll see that "Paul's Peter" never goes down at all!

Paul and I began the scene in my traditional way of talking, cuddling, and making out. Once we finished the initial introduction we quickly got down to business, kissing, sucking, and generally rolling around the bed in a variety of positions. This boy is a serious cocksucker, I must say! He not only loves to suck dick, he is great at it. And there's nothing better on video than a man who loves his work.

Midway through the scene Vidkid Timo's sexual frustration needed venting. Always happy to help out a friend, I grabbed the camera while Timo went to work on Paul's ass. After what seemed like hours later I finally had to tear Timo away from Paul so the poor boy could fuck me and we could finish the scene. Needless to say, Timo was extremely grateful for the opportunity to eat out Paul's ass.

Vidkid Timo and Speedy

Vidkid Timo was so grateful that he volunteered to film a scene with Speedy. (Actually it was more like he begged me, but don't tell him I told you so). Speedy was horny after a quiet day at the brothel, so he was more than happy to join in a scene. After a bit of talking, we agreed to film a scene where Timo ravished Speedy's body and generally serviced every whim of a young, sexual boy. And so Timo alternated between eating out Speedy's ass and sucking his dick. It was quite the symbiotic relationship, with Speedy opening up his body to every stroke of Timo's tongue, while Timo wanted nothing more than to consume his sexual essence. Sure enough, it wasn't long before Speedy was cumming all over, after which he sat on Timo's face while Timo jacked off until he too was sated.
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