[CB] Dom King & Evan Knoxx (1080)

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Evan Knoxx explores his submissive side again in the best way with vocal Dom King! Dom makes Evan earn it by verbally submitting himself, worshiping his hot bod and sucking his cock just as Dom commands. As Evan sucks him and takes his face-fucking, Dom is empowered even more.

Dom King virtually plows Evan Knoxx’s throat and then takes him from behind to fuck and manhandle him. Evan can’t help but say how good it feels and Dom makes him prove it by fucking himself on his cock.

Dom King’s domination peaks as he drills Evan Knoxx hard, holding him by the throat and punching his pecs while pinning him down. Dom soon pounds a load out of Evan and this exciting success leads to a cum geyser of his own. Dom plants his cock inside Evan, staking his claim and with a kiss he silently tells him, “good boy”.
2023-03-14 17:48:46
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