The Tommy Rockets Collection

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PowerMen's Tommy Rockets

"Get Lucky With Tommy": Tommy Rockets is cruising the streets at night, checking out the action and looking for a crib where he can let it all hang out. He's a fireball always on the move, ready to explode - and explode he does with the confident energy that only a 20 year old hot musclepup can deliver. Here's a muscle boy with enough electricity to light the darkest corners of the city - but you'll have to grab him while you can. Muscle boys like Tommy Rockets can't be tied down - or tamed.

"Boy Beef": In his first PowerMen appearance, exclusive model Tommy Rockets was still just a pretty boy musclekid cruising for action in the city streets. Cute, sexy, hot, with just a dollop of baby fat, we knew the street-wise Tommy’s development was well worth watching and waiting for. A year later, the 21-year old musclepup has delivered on his promise: the new Tommy is seriously ripped, muscular, lean, strong and powerful. And we bet you’ve forgotten just how hung this boy is, and how powerfully he shoots! The night belongs to Tommy – still.

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Boy Beef/tommy_rockets24-2.wmv 34.35 MB
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Boy Beef/tommy_rockets24-5.wmv 23.22 MB

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