DirtyTony - Casting Couch Max Breeker

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Max Breeker is not shy about the fact that he is bisexual. He has been withboth men and women, and loves both for different reasons, but he admits he does like the cock a bit more than somepussy. So far, Max has had sex with more women, but the men in his sex life are starting to catch up. He is alsopretty adventurous and has had group sex with up to six other guys. The first dude Max ever fucked around with was on a train from San Jose. They exchanged a few glances. The guy took out his dick all of a sudden and in a few moments,he and the guy blew their wads on the train. He also has a taste for older guys. As a nineteen year old, he prefershis guys to be 30 years old and up. He wastes no time in diving his hands down under his pants to work his meat over.Within a few moments, he needs to unbuckle his belt and give himself some more room. He whips out a hot creamy cocksurrounded by ginger pubes, and strokes it until it is standing tall and hard. Then he lays back and drops his pantsdown to his ankles and takes long stokes at his thick cock. He peels off his shirt to show off a nice chest and tats.Once he’s kicked off his pants and shoes, he gets down to some serious cock stroking. He tightens his grip and startspumping his cock faster. Soon his breathing quickens, and his body tightens as he edges himself closer. At the lastmoment, his toes curl and he belts out gushing streams of cum that shoot clear across his chest and shoulder before hesinks back in relief.

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