Le Salon- Big Favors (Marathon Films) (1985)

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A guy house sitting for a another lets in what ends up being a series of horny men.

1. Dirk Caldwell OgrAt, Dana Pearson
Blonde sitter lets in a blonde plumber and the two work on fleshy hard hoses.
found in compilation Big Shooters 1 (LeSalon): Dana Pearson

2. Dana Pearson, Matthew Marks, Shadow Joyce
After the sitter leaves the plumber gets it on with two gas servicemen in the backyard.
found in compilation Big Shooters 1 (LeSalon): Dana Pearson

3. Mark Banks, Joseph Abrams
Two guys suck and fuck in the garage.

4. Brett Simms, Mick Christifer
Two guys work on each other on a mattress in the living room.

5. Dirk Caldwell, Vince Thomas
The sitter comes back and so does the owner. They suck and fuck in the living room. (no penetration shown)


Brett Simms
Dana Pearson
Dirk Caldwell
Joseph Abrams
Mark Banks
Matthew Marks
Mick Christifer
Shadow Joyce
Vince Thomas

Director: Michael Leon
2013-07-17 11:33:14
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