Men’s Rush TV – MINATOとスポーツマン系ガッチリ青年がシングレット姿で生SEX♪ – MR-KR1863

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The two begin to get together in a singlet that only their macho bodies can wear. As they rub their bodies against each other, their crotches harden, and the young man's cock is licked and lapped, causing him to moan intensely and erotically! As they take turns, MINATO enjoys the pleasure of a man's blowjob as well!
Then he straddles MINATO's body and sucks his dick in a six-nine style, but when he is licked on his ass, he gets up on his knees as if he is losing his strength, and he cries and moans intensely with a very erotic expression on his face as he is licked on his ass. He is on all fours and gets finger fucked in the ass from behind, and then gets a raw cock rammed into his ass from behind!

After the hard thrusts in the back and lying back position, he is positioned on his back, and then in the normal position, and he was completely at MINATO's pace...but he spurts out! Then, the young man who was panting the whole time was licking her nipples and handling her, and he was so hard that he was cumming! Men's Rush


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