Men’s Rush TV – どノンケ♪イケメンサッカー男子の完璧なチン形からの射精がエロい!! – BOB-111

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A new label "ONATARING EX" created only for "I want to see straight men's lasciviousness! A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:41, created only for those who "want to see the perversion of straight men!
Would you like to turn your masturbation into money? This time, a 178cm tall straight college student with long arms and legs and an outstanding style is waiting for his turn. I cut a lot of the video, but she was at her maximum alertness, so I managed to get her to agree to pay me and we finally started filming.

First of all, let's check out her body, which is in excellent style. I thought she was a slim type when she was undressed, but when she took off her clothes, I found that she had an erotic body with firm muscles. Her lower body is also plump and looks delicious ^^♪ When she takes off her pants, her half-undressed erotic cock is hanging around.... Of course, he spread his ass and checked out her beautiful ass. and the perverted staff. But! Normally, she would say "Well," or "Yes..." and enjoy herself in the midst of the excitement, but this time, she did not take me up on my offer! I'm so impatient. He is rather adamant in his refusal. He is very tough....

The size, color, pole, skin, callus, and glans of his erect cock are all beautifully shaped! I want to taste this rare and perfect cock.... At first, she didn't seem to be too keen on her first masturbation experience, but then she started to get into it... She started to pump in and out of it, and when she was about to come, she looked up to the sky and held her breath for a few seconds. She seems to be enjoying the stimulation of the glans repeatedly ^^♪ Her thighs, ass muscles, and abdominal muscles tighten hard every time she stops for a moment, and it's so erotic! Her reaction was not so good at first, but her voice started to leak out gradually. She ejaculated a large amount of thick sperm on her thighs!

He later told me that when he masturbates, he always feels good to cum on his thighs instead of on a tissue.


まずはスタイル抜群のカラダチェックです♪ 着衣姿ではスリム系?と思っていたけど脱いでもらうとこれがコリコリのスジ筋エロボディ♪程よい胸筋に割れた腹筋。下半身もプリプリで美味しそう^^♪ パンツを脱いでもらうと半剥けのエロチンがブラブラと…。もちろんプリケツを広げ美アナルもチェック^^続けていつものオナニーをお願いし、初の電マを渡して途中からいつものように「ちょっと手伝おうか?」と変態スタッフ。しかーし!いつもなら「まぁ、」とか「はい…」など言われ、どさくさに紛れて色々楽しんじゃうんですが今回は誘いに乗って来ない!! 焦。むしろ断固拒絶 笑。めちゃめちゃ手強い…。

カチカチに勃起したエロチンは大きさ、色、竿、皮、カリ、亀頭、どこを取っても超美形!! 稀に見るこの完璧な美マラを味わいたい…。ひとまずローションまみれのオナホを渡し様子を見てると、最初は初オナホにあまり乗り気じゃなさそうでしたが気持ちいいのか段々と乗ってきて…ヌポヌポ出し入れしたりグチュグチュ緩急つけてスコスコ、シコシコ^^イキそうになると何度も天を仰ぎ寸止めを繰り返し亀頭の刺激を楽しんでいるご様子^^♪寸止めの度に硬く締まる太もも、ケツ筋、腹筋がエロっ!!最初はイマイチだった反応も気持ち良さに段々と声も漏れ出し、最後には「気持ち〜、あ、あ〜!!」とカラダを何度もヒクつかせ自分の太腿に濃いドロドロ精子を大量射精!!

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