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This is a (very homoerotic) documentary from a real New York fight gym.
No nudity. No sex.


Knockout! takes you inside the ring with Joe Oppedisano, as he photographs every highimpact sexually charged move of perfectly sculpted MMA fighters,
street fighters and the toughest athletes. Incredibly masculine men bare their sweaty flesh in this behind-the-scenes film. Expect Oppedisano to bring Testosterone,
his best-selling homoerotic photobook, to life with interviews, super erotic situations and extended wrestling scenes.

The gritty style of Oppedisano only begins to describe Knockout!. You will not believe your eyes, as this exclusive video pulls no punches and neither will these guys.
This hyper masculine film also features fresh tracks from up and coming artists like Logo TV NewNowNext favorite Cazwell and was shot by Tony Sellaris at the world
famous Gleason's Gym in New York.
Once you are in this ring, you ll definitely want to go down for the count!


Beat me and don't stop. Had enough of hairless Abercrombie dudes? Hungry for some meaty, grimy, rough-and-tumble fellas who look like they could knock you senseless?
Then check out the recently released DVD Knockout!
It s a 52-minute documentary that goes behind the scenes of homoerotic photographer Joe Oppedisano. Oppedisano shoots those mouthwatering campaigns for Nasty Pig fetishwear.

In 2006, he released Testosterone (Bruno Gmunder), a coffee-table book filled with jock-strapped models smoking cigars and looking like they re itching for a street fight.
The Peterson brothers weigh in. Directed by Tony Sellari at Gleason s Gym in New York, Knockout! is how Oppedisano creates his signature tableaux and dramatic shadows.
The stars are 30-year-old Tyler Peterson and his baby-faced brother Luke, 22 genuine wrestlers, boxers and jujitsu masters. The Peterson boys are also good sports when
it comes to a gay photographer who can t stop telling them how hot they are while striking undoubtedly homoerotic poses especially incestuous ones.
The scenes are indeed breathtakingly hot whether the brothers are cutting each other s hair or rubbing one another down with lotion. There are other men, too.
Older ones including former COLT model, Bruno, a muscle daddy who s probably on the AARP s mailing list. In between footage of the models wrestling, kicking and punching,
the camera lingers on the model s bodies: slow-motion close-ups of crotches, nipples and muscle butts.

Does this picture make you come over just a little bit funny?
Joe Oppedisano, author of the coffeetable drool-athon Testosterone, has taken his signature style (alpha males who d throw you round the room like a raggy doll) and run
with it this time with a video camera in tow. Knockout! is the result. Filmed in the world-famous Gleason s Gym, New York, with a gang of perfectly sculpted street fighters,
it s more charged than a power station during a thunderstorm. Seeing the guys sweating and showing off in this film undoubtedly provides an extra dimension to the photographs,
explains Oppedisano.
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