The Skater Sex Chronicles 2

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Laufzeit:  159 Minuten

Freigegeben:  03/2007

Studio Name: 

Serien:  The Skater Sex Chronicles 

Regie:  Zak Miller 

Stars:  Kelly Cooper  Landon Reed  Boomer Jacoby  Axel  Evan Heinze  Billy

Kategorien: Amateure  International  Twink  Bareback  Anal  Alt   

Beschreibung:  Skater thugs Chain and Aaron Jackson are chilling at their pad smoking a cigarette, just talking, and of course the conversation turns to sex. It's not long before they're stretching the boundaries of their heterosexuality. The tension is unbelievable. They're jacking off and just getting super horny when Aaron says he's never been fucked before, but he'd be down to try. Chain doesn't waste a minute trying to get his cock into his hole.
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