Rhett and his real life dad

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Rhett and his real life dad. Things to do with dad on the weekends

This is absolutely weird to watch, and yet you can't keep your eyes away of this train wreck in the making. Rhett gets his father to join him on one of those gay-for-pay. Money is still green, even when covered with sperm. They start talking about their estranged relationship, Rhett's resentment for his mother and you can tell some years from now is not going to end well.
His dad, on the other hand, has some sort of penis envy. His son's is a clone of him except where it counts the most, the cock. Maybe the mother had a large vagina?
Oh well, clothes are off and jerk for the money, the real life cross generation. Enjoy!
2011-03-24 23:51:27
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