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The late, great cutie Scott O'Hara (he of the one time Biggest Dick in San Francisco) stars in and narrates this great little collection of sun-soaked scenes appropriately titled California Blue. The whole film is set in California, beaches, redwood forests and the like, and it's definitely blue. Of particular interest here is the bareback sex and a scene in which O'Hara is penetrated by a very large cucumber.

O'Hara appears before and after every scene, even the ones he's in, to try and tie together the somewhat disparate scenes that make up California Blue. In all honesty, the director didn't really need to do this, each segment is good enough that no one would care about a plot, but O'Hara's little interludes add extra spice to the proceedings. He begins to jerk that world famous cock about halfway through the picture and keeps working it until the very end. For anyone who knows and loves O'Hara this is like manna from heaven; for those who don't, these j/o sequences will make you an ardent fan.

The first scene involves a trespassing beach bum and an angry, butch farmer. The beach bum is played by Derek Dalton, a lean but ripped brunette in a pair of red Speedos. He lies on the beach soaking up the sun and stroking his willie. Farmer John Kass, with a thick mustache and a pair of indigo overalls, catches him in the act and reprimands him . . . not so much for masturbating as doing it on private property. After a moment of thought, Kass decides to punish Dalton with salt pork, that is, he fucks Dalton and shoots a flurry of brine on his taut chest. These two are so tan and hung? they could just stand in the sun and make you cum.

Scott O'Hara happens to be on the beach at the same time, so he strips out his stifling leather gear and rips one out while watching the two studs hump and bump.

Next, O'Hara tells us about his best pal, a guy he's been living with up in the forests. His pal hooks up with a beefy hitchhiker. These two are both blonde and beautiful, but take way too long to get their clothes off and down to action. They do, however, orgasm simultaneously, which is a rare and welcome treat.

O'Hara returns to tell us about the time he got caught stealing from our farmer friend John Kass. This time, Kass wasn't so nice, though. He got a cop to join him in sodomizing O'Hara. First O'Hara is forced to suck some dick. Then farmer Kass opens him up with a giant cucumber. He plunges it into O'Hara's tender hole and it's an amazing sight to behold. The cuke is at least twice the width of O'Hara's own fat nine incher! O'Hara gets double-fucked, too, so it's a good thing he got worked over with the cucumber. The cop and farmer Kass are both very well endowed. This entire scene takes place on a cliff in front of a gorgeous view of the ocean.

The rest of the video pales in comparison to this show-stopping sequence, but it's still quality stuff, particularly the tight penetration shots in the fourth scene, with the hitchhiker from scene two and a man in a pickup truck. Of course O'Hara ends California Blue with an explosive solo session that includes him licking his own cock head. Does it get better than that?

Starring Nick Dallas, Rick Adams, Scott O'Hara, John Kass, Derek Dalton, Eric Collins and Jim Dolan.

Directed by Brad Bennett.

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