Superboy and his friend captured

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Scrappy is captured, but he is only the bait for the real prize, Superboy who of course comes to his rescue.
The villain comes from behind and chloroforms Superboy until he passes out.
Scrappy is strapped down to a table, strip naked and tortured before superboy's eyes, The villain wants to deal with superboy alone and strangles Scrappy with a cord, unable to defend himself, Scrappy's neck and squeezed so tight until his windpipe gets completely closed and he dies.
The villain then straps down superboy to the table and reveals his real plan, he want his semen, his supersemen so he can create an army of superhumans, he strip’s naked superboy, abuses him and tries everything to excite his body and get the semen, finally he uses a special kryptonite dildo to stimulate superboy, until he finally cums....and dies in the act...
2016-10-08 19:56:16
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