[1080p60]Erection Zone 2[Brett Akers][Vic DeMann][upscaled][interpolated frames]

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Actors: Brett Akers and Vic DeMann
Movie Title: Erection Zone 2
Studio: On Top
Video format: MP4(HEVC+AAC), 1080p(upscaled from DVD), 59.94 fps(interpolated from 29.97 fps)
Note:HEVC(also called H.265) is a video compression codec more efficient than AVC(H.264), so the file size is smaller. but you need a higher spec machine to get fluent playback.

Duration: 30 min
~1080p60 ~fullhd ~60fps

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Yes, All the "upscaled from DVD" videos are converted from original DVD.
This is how I do:

1. Deinterlacing
Avisynth script QTGMC

VirtualDub External filter SUPER RESOLUTION and internal filter WARP SHARP

After Effects external plugin TWIXTOR

Thank you,AMD Ryzen!
2017-10-23 10:17:28
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