Videoboys - Fabien Dutroux & Alec Winfield

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Fabien Dutroux & Alec Winfield
April 11th, 2008

Alec Winfield is enjoying some quite time at home while his girlfriend is at work. The doorbell rings and Alec finds the grocery delivery boy (Fabien Dutroux) with a box of groceries for him. Alec invites Fabien in to unload the groceries but when Fabien starts unpacking, his hand ends up in Alec's crotch and he discovers that Alec is packing... a big hardon for him. Alec and Fabien waste no time getting into hot sweaty action on the kitchen table with Alec seriously focused on Fabien's ass. The action only stops when Alec makes a delivery of cum on Fabien's face.


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