The Simpsons - four gay themed episodes spanning (1989-2008)

Comic & Yaoi
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The Simpsons (1989-2008) (on going)

Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 93 wins & 99 nominations

Television Series: Animated Comedy

Plot Outline:
4 gay themed episodes of the classic Animated Comedy The Simpsons.

The Simpsons is an animated Sitcom about the antics of a dysfunctional family called the simpsons
(surprise surprise). Homer is the oafish unhealthy beer loving father, Marge is the hardworking
homemaker wife, Bart is the ten year old underachiever (and proud of it), Lisa is the unappreciated
eight year old genius, and Maggie is the cute, pacifier loving silent infant.

The audience is led through the various exploits of this hapless and semi-dysfunctional nuclear
family who live in the fictional town of Springfield, and whose various inhabitants add to the
comedy, angst, satire and parody of this series

Season 02, Episode 02: Simpson and Delilah
Original Air Date: 18 October 1990

Season 08, Episode 15: Homer's Phobia
Original Air Date: 16 February 1997

Season 14, Episode 17: Three Gays of the Condo
Original Air Date: 13 April 2003

Season 16, Episode 10: There's Something About Marrying
Original Air Date: 20 February 2005

Simpson and Delilah 
After using a miracle hair-restoration product, Homer becomes a new and successful man with a full
head of hair. He get's a gay assistant named Karl.

Homer's Phobia
Marge decides to sell a family heirloom to pay for a new dryer. They go to a store that sells camp
antique items. Homer does not understand why grown men would enjoy such things, but he gets in a
conversation with John, the antique dealer "with a difference"(voiced by John Waters) who works
there. He invites John over to look over the valuable, worthless crap in his house. Homer thinks
John is great, but Marge tells him that he is gay. Homer is homophobic, so he decides that he hates
John, but the rest of the family continues to hang out with John. Bart begins to act effeminately,
further horrifying Homer.

Three Gays of the Condo 
During another Homer and Marge fight after Finding an old note, Homer discovers Marge secretly hated
him many years back. Upset, he leaves the house , and ends up sharing a condo with two homosexuals -
who introduce him to a whole new world of gay discos and manicures. But will his fabulous new
lifestyle prevent him from patching things up with Marge? 

There's Something About Marrying 
Howell Huser, a yokel who just fell of the turnip truck.  turns up on the Soft News Network
reporting that Springfield is the only town he's been to that he doesn't like. The negative
publicity affects tourism. Mayor Quimby calls for the town to give him ideas to promote tourism and
Lisa suggests they start allowing same sex marriages. The idea is approved and Springfield becomes
the place to be for same sex couples to get married. When Reverend Lovejoy won't perform the
ceremonies, Homer can't pass up the opportunity to make money and he becomes a certified minister
via the Internet.
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