Primepork - Explosions

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Contains Controversial Footage.

Lawrence, the blond guy from Paris is visited by this tanned apricot-picker (Javier de Cerdo) who seduces him to explore his smooth hole. But Javier picks a lot more than just apricots.

In the open air he gives Lawrence what he really needs: an intense sex work-out in which he gets fucked and fisted, in every position, time after time.

From the market he drags Alberto home and they begin playing in the bathroom. Their arrival is noticed by Javier who sneaks into the house and catches them while fisting. Very soon it turns into a wild party: Alberto is getting fisted in every position, screaming for more, begging to stop, but his hormones have taken over: there is no way back.

And Javier cannot stop either. He forces Alberto to take his fist over and over again in explosions of testosteron. In this movie you can watch real men, giving everything they have- taking everything they need.

Starring Javier De Cerdo, Alberto and Lawrence Marriner.

Directed by Rick Strauss.

A PrimePork Production.

~fisting ~bareback ~fetish

2011-04-28 17:53:37
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