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Jason (First Auditions/The Casting Room) aka Charlton (The Full English)

This torrent was taken down due to a DMCA request
Charlton is a born and bred South Londoner and a total sports fanatic. He has been blessed with the cheekbones of a supermodel, a very fine nose which has withstood some light bashing over the years and he has an exceptionally toned body from a strict exercise regime that puts most other 30-year-old British guys to shame. To remain at this peak of physical fitness Charlton visits the gym five days a week and also plays cricket, football, golf, squash and even runs the odd marathon. Consequently this chap does not have an inch of fat on his intensely worked-out frame but he does admit to having a metabolism that simply doesn't allow him to gain weight which means he can eat whatever he likes. Lucky bloke.

Charlton has worked in a variety of jobs over the years but has always secretly wanted to spend more time in in a gym environment. After spending the past four years driving a forklift truck he decided enough was enough and he has just qualified as a personal trainer. If you live in South London there's a chance he could be working at your local gym...

Charlton comes from a secure and loving family and is a considerate and kind-natured man. If however you decide to arouse Charlton (he likes to be tenderly kissed and licked from head to toe) you'll soon see him turn into a very passionate and even aggressive lover; he likes to take his lover from behind and judging by the strength of those pelvic and buttock muscles the recipient could well be in for a punishing ride. So come and spend a sexy and rather covert afternoon at Charlton's house. We are not entirely sure what his motivation is for modelling as Charlton has always been quite a reserved fellow up until now, but as the credit crunch bites and many of us look for ways to raise extra funds how amazing that he can show off his firm toned body for a fistful of notes. His wife was at work when we photographed him and has no idea that her husband may well soon be turning into a bit of a sex god.