Thunder's Arena Wrestling - Tak vs Brian Cage - Rough & Ready 53

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Tak vs Brian Cage
Big bodybuilder Brian Cage is 255 lbs of solid wrestling machine vs Tak 155 lbs of solid handsome man.
Handsome, fair haired TAK gives up 100 pounds against Brian Cage, a tough. bearded pro wrestler and bodybuilder with muscles of steel and an ego as big as they come. TAK introduces the massive Brian Cage by saying he’s glad to finally have a match with “a real wrestler.” Cage tells the much smaller TAK that there is only one real wrestler on the mat – and he’s talking about himself. The big muscleman says TAK looks like he’s twelve years old and calls him a pipsqueak. But TAK is not intimidated, telling Cage that he has beaten bigger opponents than Cage. Brian Cage just laughs, anticipating the lesson he is going to teach the arrogant young punk. Making fun of Cage’s pro-wrestling knee pads, TAK tries to get the early advantage with a kick to the big man’s knees. The tactic fails miserably, having no impact whatsoever on the big pro wrestler. The thickly muscled Cage quickly puts TAK into bear hug from behind. As they roll to the mat, Cage easily remains in control of the little guy and goes for a cross body pin. TAK’s skills come to his rescue as he manages to get his long legs around the big wrestler’s neck. But huge Brian Cage easily breaks out and the two get to their feet. Feeling confident, TAK goes in low for a take down, but Cage anticipates the amateur move and easily puts TAK face up over one of his broad shoulders for a backbreaker. TAK screams “my back” as the big pro taunts the little guy with some trash talk before dropping him to the mat. When they lock up again, Cage punishes TAK’s back some more with an over the knee back breaker. Enjoying himself, Cage again mocks TAK while he screams in pain. Cage then puts handsome TAK in an over the shoulder backbreaker before throwing him to the mat. Confident that he can do whatever he wants to his smaller opponent, the brutal pro wrestler puts his knee into TAK’s back and practically pulls the smaller guy’s arms out of the sockets, laughing as TAK screams in pain. Cage easily gets TAK to submit with a painful pro move that locks TAK’s arm behind Cage’s leg, while he puts poor TAK in a headlock. But when Cage lets TAK out of the brutal hold, TAK shows no sign of humbling himself before the big powerful beast, and makes a wisecrack about Cage’s mother. TAK tries to put Cage in a belly to belly bear hug. When that has no effect on the rock solid muscleman, he tries a bear hug from behind. Cage just laughs and brags about his 260 pound muscular body. To humiliate TAK even more, the big pro wrestler stands with his arms out and invites TAK to apply any hold he likes. When TAK attempts a full nelson, which is pathetically ineffective against Cage’s massive muscular shoulders and neck, Cage humiliates TAK by making believe he’s trapped in the hold. But the big beast tires of playing and puts TAK in real full nelson, telling TAK “You’re nothing.” Cage then does a huge double bi, saying “Boom” as his massive guns flex to the max. He brags about winning bodybuilding shows and wrestling matches as he poses. When TAK does some posing, the big man totally blocks TAK from view with his massive body. Calling TAK “ridiculous” the big bully puts TAK into a Boston crab, then sits on TAK’s back and applies the ‘fish hooks’ to TAKs mouth in true pro wrestling style. The humiliation continues as the big man grabs TAK by the hair and rubs his face in the mat. When TAK tries to escape by wrapping his legs around Cage’s neck, Cage lifts him up and drops him neck first over Cage’s knee. Then Cage flexes his massive muscular body over him saying “I told you who the real man is.” Feeding his ego some more, Cage puts TAK in a camel clutch and asks him “Whose your daddy?” and tells the poor guy to scream his answer. But TAK doesn’t give. When the big man breaks the hold, he tells TAK he is impressed. But then he tells TAK he is only getting started. Incredibly, the big beast means what he says. What follows is even more brutal than the total domination that has already taken place. Big Brian Cage puts his pro skills on display as he locks TAK’s lean muscular body into brutal hold after brutal hold. When the big powerful wrestler is finally done with this over the top squash job, he does an amazing victory pose with his knee on TAK’s back before going to lift some weights.

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