RedHotStraightBoys [RHSB] - Landon's First Gay Experience

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Landon is a 19-year-old straight boy who, before today, had never done any type of adult work or been touched by a man. Landon is a very cute young man with a hot muscular body. His butt is particularly great.

This video starts with a brief interview with Landon sitting on a bed. Tom then tells Landon to get in the bed and lie on his stomach. Tom pulls the covers back and begins to caress and massage Landon’s muscular body. Landon is very nervous at first. His nervousness disappears as he begins to enjoy the experience. Tom has Landon roll over and begins caressing the front of Landon’s body. He then starts jerking him off. What really gets Landon going is when Tom begins to rub his taint firmly. After that, Landon’s expressions begin to show just how turned on he is.

After Landon shoots his load, Tom asks him about the experience and then has him lie naked on his stomach so that everyone can get a nice, long look at Landon’s magnificent ass. Tom hopes Landon comes back many times.
2023-05-21 00:40:28
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