[[email protected]] X〜淫欲の開眼〜11 X – lust awaken – 11

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Release Date : November 6, 2022
Running time: 135 min.
The 11th installment of the popular "X" series, in which straight men are restrained, is now on sale!
This time, the targets are S-class model Gakujin, who is making his debut for the first time in GAMES, as well as Masaya, who is at the peak of his popularity, and
This time, the targets are GAMES' first debut S-class model Gakujin (Takato), Masaya, who is at the peak of his popularity, Katsuya, who has a super big dick and muscles, and Ryu, who has a big, tight ass. Don't miss Gakujin's first appearance in the show as he gets wild and wild!
The muscle straight guys are restrained and completely deprived of their freedom, fainting in agony from their man's torture and being dug into so hard that their rationale collapses, and they climax in ecstasy!
発売日 : 2022年11月 6日
収録時間 : 135分
2022-11-20 07:49:24
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